Lesson 19 Sold out

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'The play may begin at any moment,' I said.
'It may have begun already,' Susan answered.
I hurried to the ticket office. 'May I have two tickets please?' I asked.
'I'm sorry, we've sold out,' the girl said.
'What a pity!' Susan exclaimed.
Just then, a man hurried to the ticket office.
'Can I return these two tickets?' he asked.
'Certainly,' the girl said.
I went back to the office at once.
'Could I have those two tickets please?' I asked.
'Certainly,' the girl said, 'but they're for the next Wednesday's performance. Do you still want them?'
'I might as well have them,' I said sadly.


  1. hurry:
    in a hurry: (时间,动作上的)
    If you are not in a hurry, please wait for me.
    If you are not busy, stay here until tomorrow. (行为上的)
    in no hurry: 不匆忙
    I'm in no hurry. 我不急
    hurry up: v. 快点
    go to -> hurry to: 匆忙地去
    come in -> hurry in: 匆忙地进来
    go out -> hurry out:匆忙地出去

  2. pity: n. 令人遗憾的事
    What a pity: 真遗憾
    It is a pity to be grown up.
    It is a pity to be stolen a bicycle.
    I am sorry. sorry: adj. 遗憾的
    I'm sorry to hear that your bicycle was stolen.

  3. exclaim: v. 大声说
    shout: 大声喊 = cry = call out

  4. return: v. 退回
    return to: 回来
    return money: 还钱 = pay back = repay

  5. sadly: adv. 悲哀地,丧气地 (所有的悲哀都可以表达)

  6. at any moment: 在任何时候,随时
    at the moment = now
    at that moment = just then 就在那时

  7. must/can't/may + 动词原形 :表示推测
    may + 动词原形 :对未来推测
    may + have done:对过去推测
    I must have watched TV.
    I may have watched TV.
    I can't have watched TV.

  8. May I ... ? 我可以……?
    May I have a ticket? 我可以买一张票吗?
    I'll have/take a bottle of bear. 一般在买东西的时候习惯上用have/take代替buy,表达买的意思。
    Could I ... ? 这是更加委婉的说法

  9. ticket for + 事情
    ticket to + 地点
    May I have a ticket for the sport meeting?
    May I have a ticket to Tianjing?

  10. still: 还 可在任意时态中用
    still, yet: 完成时态中用

  11. might/may as well + 动词原形:还是……的好。(无可奈何)
    had better:最好……+动词原形。(积极)
    I had better take a umbrella with me.
    I might as well have the two ticket.

  12. may: 可能
    • 推测
    • 可以
    • may, might(过去时) 也可互换,后者更委婉