[Angular Router] Lazy loading Module with Auxiliary router

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Found the way to handle Auxiliary router for lazy loading moudle and erge load module are different. 

In Erge loading, it is recommended to create a shell component, inside shell component you need to define the router-outlet for each Auxiliary routes and primary route.

const routes: Routes = [
  { path: 'speakers', component: SpeakersComponent, children: [
    { path: 'speakersList', component: SpeakersListComponent, outlet: 'list' },
    { path: ':id', component: BioComponent, outlet: 'bio' }
  ] },

For example, in the code above, 'SpeakersComponent' is shell component.

<div class="columns">
    <router-outlet name="list"></router-outlet>
    <router-outlet name="bio"></router-outlet>

Inside the html, it defines all the auxilliary routes for shell component. 

But the story changes when you use lazy loading...

For example, we lazy load a feature module inside our root routes configuration:

    path: 'preview',
    loadChildren: 'app/preview/preview.module'

And here is the feature module routes:

const routes = [
    path: '',
    component: PreviewLeftComponent
    path: ':id',
    component: PokemonDetailComponent
    path: ':id',
    component: PreviewDetailComponent

There is one auxiliary route. But here we didn't use any shell component.

This is because I found, when using lazy loading, Angular doesn't goes into Shell component html to find auxiliary routes' router-outlet, it goes to root component,

So we have to define the auxiliary route outlet inside root component:

<!-- aoo.component.html -->

  <md-sidenav align="start" mode="side" opened>
  <div class="main-content">
  <md-sidenav align="end" mode="side" [opened]="curtPath === 'preview'">
    <router-outlet name="aux"></router-outlet>