Solr atomic update JSON方式

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Solr supports several modifiers that atomically update values of a document.

  • set – set or replace a particular value, or remove the value if null is specified as the new value
  • add – adds an additional value to a list
  • remove – removes a value (or a list of values) from a list
  • removeregex – removes from a list that match the given Java regular expression
  • inc – increments a numeric value by a specific amount (use a negative value to decrement)

Note: All original source fields must be stored for field modifiers to work correctly.  This is the default in Solr.

[ {"id"         : "book1",  "author_s"   : {"set":"Neal Stephenson"},  "copies_i"   : {"inc":3},  "cat_ss"     : {"add":"Cyberpunk"} }

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