Sample Credential Providers

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Terms of Use

Release Notes


The SampleCredentialProvider Codebase

Project Structure

Common Tasks For Extending SampleCredentialProvider

Tips & Tricks

Automating The Deployment Process

Developing With CredUI

Debugging LogonUI

If Your System Becomes Unstable





Default Tiles

Wrapping Existing Credential Providers

Credential Provider Architecture



Appendix A – Frequently Asked Questions

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In this document, we’ll take a look at some custom Windows Vista credential provider samples. Specifically, we’ll cover the following topics:

1.    Understanding the base SampleCredentialProvider codebase.

2.    Common tasks for extending the base SampleCredentialProvider codebase.

3.    SampleAllControlsCredentialProvider, which exposes each possible UI control.

4.    SampleCredentialFilter, which demonstrates the ICredentialProviderFilter interface.

5.    SampleCredUICredentialProvider, which supports CredUI.

6.    SampleHardwareEventCredentialProvider, which supports asynchronous events.

7.    SampleWrapExistingCredentialProvider, which wraps the default username/password credential provider in Windows Vista.

Release Notes

This is the fourth release of the samples.  The first release targeted the February CTP.  The second release targeted Beta2 and added additional samples.  The third release updates those samples for Vista RTM.  This fourth release updates the samples for Windows 7.


Out of the box, SampleCredentialProvider provides a DLL project that exposes the two COM interfaces required to develop a credential provider: ICredentialProvider and ICredentialProviderCredential. ICredentialProvider exposes the functionality to enumerate available credentials, and ICredentialProviderCredential exposes the functionality required for each specific credential during the authentication process.

The SampleCredentialProvider Codebase

The SampleCredentialProvider project provides a working baseline credential provider. This sample is hardcoded to expose two accounts: Administrator and Guest.  The following screenshot shows what this might look like on a domain joined machine.


Project Structure

The SampleCredentialProvider project includes a small set of files, each with their own purpose: